What Does It Take To Win?

“Compete each time with yourself to be a great athlete of all time.”

Ever wondered why even the best  athlete will end up losing a match at a certain point of their career? This is because there is more to an athlete than just getting the best training by the best coaches using the best of the available facilities.

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There is the aspect of having the mental strength to compound all these factors and channel them towards a win for the athlete and even the team. However much an athlete is prepared for an event, if the athlete is one who cannot challenge himself to utilize the acquired training, resources, and energy, then the outcome will be a dismal performance.

So how does one compete with himself or herself to accelerate the performance?

  • Push a notch higher

All athletes train and do the obvious such as take instructions from their coaches and utilize this. However, for one to be an outstanding athlete, then there is the need for an athlete to push it a notch high.

Determined Athlete

This can be done by pumping in extra hours towards the practice, as well as challenging the body to take more than it is used to. For instance, if you always go for five laps then it can be improved to seven and eventually ten. Such a strain prepares the body for the eventuality that the extra input maybe needed and also improves the confidence in the abilities to perform when the need to do so arises.

  • Strive to improve each time

accept defeatAthletes are often prepared and geared for competitions, however, it is also critical to note that as in any competition there must always be a winner and a loser. Great athletes take such an eventuality as an opportunity to learn and not negatively or as a glitch in their work and preparations.

This needs the athlete to keep their performance going on an upward accelerating trend. If an athlete for instance, can run a certain distance within a certain specified time, then it is up to the athlete on a personal note to believe in his or her abilities to better the time and then challenge him/her to do that. Although, there may be the challenge in terms of doing this, an athlete should be careful not to over-strain and end up doing harm to the body.

  • Self belief in one’s abilities

This is perhaps one of the most critical of the steps towards being an all time great athlete because without self belief then all efforts channeled towards the preparation may as well be a waste of time and resources. When an athlete believes that achieving a victory is possible, then it can be seen as the athlete already having a victory.

player with self esteemWhen an athlete has esteem issues, it becomes very difficult for such an athlete to channel the energies and tactics in his or her possession to achieve a victory. Athletes will often meet disappointments and losses every once in a while but as a competitive athlete, one should appreciate than a loss is a possible eventuality and should instead strive to learn from such if it happens.

  • Compete with the best in the field


A great athlete will strive to put him or herself above all the other athletes that have been there and those that are striving to come up. Such athletes will want to challenge themselves to break older records, set in new records so that they can be proud of their achievement.

This does not only show one’s self believe in the abilities, but also improves the confidence apart from making them the best in their field of sports.

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