Good physical health has to be the top most priority for every human being. Engaging oneself actively in sports activities helps us to stay fit.
sports as relaxation

Sports activity does not only help us to maintain fitness, but it also refreshes us a lot. It is one of the best ways of relaxation as well. Like any other field of human activity, sports also has certain codes of conduct, and work ethics. It does help to develop our personality and for character building.

Let us look at some general provisions of youth sports:

  • Personality should develop human values like integrity, respect, responsibility, and fairness should be built with sports at the backdrop.
  • Sports must be a part of a sound educational program.
  • Sports can and should be the constructive force in the lives of millions of sports followers throughout the country.
  • Principles of sportsmanship and fair play should be held high.
  • A standard of character which affords confidence and trust is the proper ethics in sports.
  • Honesty and integrity are the essential elements of ethics in youth sports. Through such ethical behaviour, sports will maintain a rightful place in our lives and it can make positive contribution to society.
  • The administrators of youth sports should ably handle the principles and practices of sports.
  • Winning should not be the focus. Coaches should encourage good sportsmanship.

Both coaches and players should pay high respect to the ethics of sports. Any game should be played for the game’s sake and winning is just one option. The real sportsmanship should be always valued high.

real sportsmanship

Coaches should hold the students under their direction and also with high ideals, honesty, sincerity and integrity. Any form of trickery and evasion of rules should not be entertained by any means.

A player should not gain advantage over an opponent by foul means. Only fair and honest means of securing talent should be entertained.

  • Athletes should be committed to their sports activity at the first place.
  • Confidential information about athletes should be maintained as confidential.
  • Coaches should be cautious in making sure that such information does not go to a third party.
  • The qualifications, affiliations and professional competence of the players must not be misrepresented at any cost.

The following steps would help in maintaining the public statements and advertisement regarding sports:

  1. The public statements about sports should refrain from false, misleading, and deceptive statements.
  2. Any matter related to coaching activities including training, experience, academic degrees, affiliations, or the success of the service and fees should not go out.
  3. Reasonable efforts should be made to prevent others outside the coach’s control from making bad remarks on the coach.
  4. Efforts have to be put to correct any false, deceptive statement made by others regarding the coach.
  5. Testimonials from current athletes or others who are capable of undue influence must be avoided.
  6. Members of the communication media must not be given compensation for publicity.
  7. Make sure that paid advertisements for coaches’ services are labeled correctly.

perfect harmonyCoaches and athletes should have a perfect harmony in order to reach great heights in youth sports. They should work as a team with a single focus.

It is worth attaching great respect for the ideals and human values like honesty, sincerity, and integrity in sports. Sports teaches countless things to everyone who is engaged in it.

Social skills and community life are the top benefits of sports activities.

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