The One Best Lesson a Coach Can Give the Team for the Season

It has been said that athletics is a great developer and teacher of character. There is a great deal of truth in that statement, but it also is a great revealer of character. I’m sure there are numerous examples that come to mind when you think of high profile athletes, in the professional, collegiate and Read More.

What To Do When The Nerves Get To You In Sports Competition

Ok, this is part 6 of our series of techniques and strategies for how to play your best game even when under pressure.  Let’s quickly review the first 5 tactics shall we? 1. Mentally rehearse being in pressured situations. Plan how you will think at that moment and imagine perfect execution of your skills. 2. Read More.

How To Stop Sabotaging Your Performance Under Pressure

Pressure tip #5. When athletes or other performers are just about to do their thing under extreme pressure of having to execute their skills, a curious thing happens… A part of your mind tries to take over and guide you to do it correctly. It wants to make sure that you have covered all of Read More.

Pressure Tip #1: What The Best Clutch Players Have In Common

Lionel Messi in soccer, Tom Brady in football, Mr. October Reggie Jackson in baseball, Michael Jordan in basketball, Patrick Roy in Hockey… What do these athletes have in common?  They are all clutch players who have come through under pressure more than most. Now, you may think that athletes like this are just blessed with Read More.

Mind Racing Under Pressure? – Drive It!

Trouble with video? Click Here To Watch on Youtube Transcript: Like a race car is designed to drive, your mind is designed to think.  When coaches and others give you well-intentioned advice to “stop over thinking,” they don’t realize how futile this directive is.  How do you stop over thinking? I guess you could go Read More.

Get Perspective to Diminish Pressure

Let me remind you from my first pressure tip that pressure affects ALL athletes negatively, even world-class athletes.  It tenses you up and hurts your ability to think strategically.  If you want to perform better, you want to minimize those effects, right? Why do us athletes feel pressure in the first place? What is pressure Read More.

Extreme Focus To Deal With Pressure

Today I’ve got Technique #4 for How to perform brilliantly under pressure. Have you gotten the idea from me yet that the key to performing under pressure is to prepare for and practice mental skills BEFORE you ever get to the pressure situation? I’m still amazed that in this day and age there are athletes Read More.

What Parents Need To Know About College Recruiting

The college experience is, in many cases, the most important four years in our children’s lives, as it will shape their personal and professional direction for a lifetime. That being said, securing admission to a college or university that best match a student’s desires, strengths, and aspirations is essential. Student-athletes bring a unique quality to Read More.

3 Best Exercises for Off Ice Hockey Training

Coach Nye Talks Hockey… The ‘How To’ to better development of a hockey player can be very complicated.  There are so many off ice hockey instructions and exercises out there we wonder who to believe. When I am speaking to young hockey players I always suggest keeping things to the basic movements in hockey which Read More.

What is a sports psychologist and is coach a decent substitute?

In plain language, sports psychologists are coaches who consult and train athletes on improving their mental game. This new type of coaching only began in the 1970’s and has quickly bloomed into a huge part of the sports world.  Professional sports teams often employ sports psychologists to help even the highest level athletes reach their Read More.