The Benefits Of Sports Participation

Youth being addicted to video games

As a sports parent or youth sports coach, you know that sometimes it can feel like it’s the most thankless job on the planet.  There’s a million things you could be doing for all the time you spend with young athletes and sometimes, the lack of appreciation can get you down. So, I’m writing this Read More.

Sports And Life Coaching

You might have seen or heard the term “life coach” and wondered if this is anything like regular sports coaching.  Actually, sports coaches and parents can learn a lot from this profession that will definitely help their athletes performance at any age. First off, what is life coaching? It’s guiding, assisting, and inspiring you to Read More.

How To Get A Confident Shooting Hand In Basketball

Michael, a 16 year old basketball player has finally made the varsity team at his high school. He lives, eats, and breathes basketball following his favorite stars in the NBA and College.  His dream is to play for UNC like his hero Michael Jordan whom his parents were inspired to name him after. Michael has Read More.

When Should Athletes Work With A Sports Psychologist?

The quick answer is when the athlete recognizes he (or she) is not performing in competition up to potential. Here’s the interesting part of that answer…it is actually rare that an athlete consistently plays up to ability.  And even then, great athletes will do everything they can to lock down in the mind what they Read More.

The Art of Coaching Different Genders in Sports

Do female youth athletes and male youth athletes need different kinds of mental strength training? Do they respond better to different coaching tactics? The answer is yes.  We need to understand that males and females have differing genetic tendencies passed down from our ancestors as part of our history of successfully dominating the earth.   Females Read More.

5 Easy Mental Strength Training Drills For Sports

Trouble loading video here?  Watch on Youtube. I have seen a completely false quote floating around in various social media that says you can’t learn mental toughness. I used to get angry when I saw it. But now, I smile because I know that those who ignore that and work on their mental game are Read More.

How Mindset Psychology Can Help Athletes Come Back From Disaster

There are many ways to teach mental toughness which I define as: Focused, Confident, Determined, and Resilient, especially under pressure. I am constantly seeking new information and understandings about what makes us more likely to achieve our goals. Since the greatest issue that I see with athletes needing help is in overcoming fear, well, that’s Read More.

What Is A Growth Mindset For Athletes?

Growth - Mental and Physical

It never ceases to amaze me how small of a percentage of the general sports world there is that really takes advantage of developing their mental skills. I’ve conducted numerous workshops for youth sports teams and coaches over the years teaching mental toughness skills.In my workshops, there are always some athletes that hang on my Read More.

Perfectionism in Sports: Good or Bad?

Perfectionism in Sports: Good or Bad? “Practice makes perfect!” This is a saying that nearly every youth athlete has heard while struggling to master a new skill or advance performance. However, is striving for perfection really a good goal — especially for the youngest athletes? What constitutes perfection will vary from sport to sport and Read More.

8 Great Things About Getting A Bad Youth Sports Coach

In this article you will learn of  what to do when stuck with a bad youth sports coaches. Craig, Any tips to help an athlete “get through” a season when they are stuck with a bad coach (overly critical, aggressive, demeaning, etc) so they don’t lose their confidence? Yes. I often see athletes in this Read More.