How to Overcome Embarrassment


“I almost died of embarrassment.” “I was SO embarrassed by my parents.” As the mental toughness trainer, one of the core fears I assist people to clear is the fear of embarrassment. […]

How to Overcome Embarrassment2020-05-27T06:42:40+08:00

How to Be More Aggressive in Basketball


If your youth basketball coaching sessions have seen your coach imploring you to be more aggressive out there on the court, there are a great number of drills you can do to gain more toughness and therefore more aggressive in your basketball. Let’s take a look at some of the drills you can be teaching to improve today and in the future: Teaching the Aggressive Defensive Basketball Position Drill Aggressive play starts with defense. Put your energy into stopping that opposing player from scoring like your life depends on it. Get every rebound [...]

How to Be More Aggressive in Basketball2021-04-14T02:59:37+08:00
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