Confidence-Building Hacks For Kids In Sports, part 1

There is all sorts of controversy about kids sports these days. Should we give them all trophies? Should we push them hard so they learn about how the “real” world works? Parents and coaches are often confused by conflicting advice. The video below is part of a 3-part series to help you assist kids playing Read More.

How To Teach Your Sports Kid To Be Fearless

Here’s Confidence Hacks #4 and #5. Your average sports parent boosts their child’s confidence by praising their achievements and reminding them that they have abilities and talents and that they can do anything they want in life if they put their mind to it. Great stuff to teach, yes, do it! 1% sports parents go Read More.

Confidence-Building Hacks For Youth Sports (2 & 3)

What adults need to know about kids is that they don’t think like adults! You, as an adult, don’t really know how you thought back then because you weren’t very self aware. I wouldn’t remember either and the only way I know any of this is because I talk with hundreds of them at a Read More.

Podcast #6 – How To Achieve The Flow State

You have every ability needed to achieve The Flow state. It is a state of mind and emotion that  sets you up for optimal performance and actions and behaviors that are in line with your true values. The idea of “Flow” has been studied and dissected to death because it is well known that if Read More.

Handicap Athlete: How Do I Overcome My Injury During Competition?

In this session, a handicap player is trying to figure out how he could overcome his physical shortcoming to be able to perform well in his competitions. Now, Craig has done a million of advices regarding this issue and it’s all about this issue. Though Craig can’t really do anything about the healing the injury Read More.

Golfer: How To Turn Off The Negative Voice During Competition?

In this session, a golfer is struggling with playing golf in a highly pressure competition. He says that there is this little negative voices in his head that keeps on bothering him whenever he tries to take an important shot. This issue is typical in athletes because it affects their confidence, in result, they doubt Read More.