A Determined Athlete Never Quits


Once again, what is Mental Toughness? It is FOCUSED, CONFIDENT, DETERMINED, and RESILIENT.  Focus This is the easy one because we already do it, we already have the brain. When you get rid of the interference, focus could be really easy. You learn how to direct your thoughts to give you plenty of things to put your mind on. Remember the Ferrari Mind?  Confident I already covered that with separate trainings, articles, and tools. You also have to get rid of the interference here.  Determination Now this is big because this is motivation. This is the drive and desire and it [...]

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The Ultimate Source Of Fear


Click Here For Fearless Competitor Full Training There is only two things in life that we do fear for. Notice that I say, "we do fear". Fear is not a noun, it is actually a verb because it is something that we do and if it is something that we do, it is something that we can NOT do as well. PERFORMANCE = POTENTIAL - INTERFERENCE You will perform to your potential when you get rid of the interference. There's two kinds of interference CONFLICTS FEAR And there's only two kinds of fear: Physical harm and danger to the body - [...]

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Antidote For Physical Harm In Sports


What are the next beliefs or problems that you need to clear out to perform your best? It's the fear of physical harm and danger to the body. Like everything else, you need to come up with some antidotes to clear them out. So what are really the problems?  PAIN INJURY DEATH What is the first antidote for pain? "It's worth the risk!" So if this is your issue, go and get  your journal. You want to write down the whole list of reasons why it's worth it. Make it this huge list! The bigger the better and the more you can generate [...]

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How Does Mental Toughness Work?


Are you a coach or a parent interested in mental toughness training for you athletes? What is Mental Toughness? It is focused, confidence, determined, and resilient especially under pressure. Now you know if your players would've played with more of that, then they'd be bringing their A game in the competition, just like you get to see in practice quite often or regularly, right? Now if you coached athletes for any significant amount of time, you know that performance anxiety and fear of failure are the biggest obstacle in playing their best. So what can you do about it as a [...]

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How To Build The Right Confidence


Every young football player who has ever played the game has experienced a time when he didn’t feel confident. Even the greatest players and coaches in the world have gone through this. Chip Kelly, head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles after winning the division in his first year as head coach in the 2013 season: "I wasn't confident." Kelly said Monday. "I had a system and a plan that we were going to go in, but I didn't know what the outcome was going to be until it was all finished. But I think we played sound fundamental football, and I think [...]

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Be The Best Coach That You Can Be


Give your athletes the competitive edge through mental coaching! The Story Of Coach Max A little bit of background about Coach Max: Max was an excellent basketball coach who knew little about mental coaching. He knows every drill ever designed and is a real student of the game. He long ago dedicated himself to creating excellence in his players and for his own career. His Varsity High School team had always done reasonably well since Max took over and he has earned the respect of his community and players. Arising problem of Coach Max: But Max wants more. He has applied [...]

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Are Your Parents Always Right?


This article is specifically for young athletes. I work with young athletes every day from all over the world in my office and by Skype. A common issue that I see quite often is the athletes that think they know everything they need to know and don’t need to take advice from parents or others in their sport, especially the parents. We all know there’s a natural drive for teenagers to want to establish their independence as a person but that’s not a reason to ignore suggestions that could really help you. You certainly do need to make your own decisions [...]

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How To Raise Your Sport I.Q. For More Confidence


There is a new term that is coming up when describing athletes performances. It’s called, SPORT I.Q. Background of the term I.Q. The “I” stands for “Intelligence” and the “Q” is “Quotient.” Basically, I.Q. is supposed to be a measurement of a type of intelligence. Here’s the definition of intelligence by the man who first coined the term I.Q: “Intelligence is a general capacity of an individual consciously to adjust his thinking to new requirements: it is general mental adaptability to new problems and conditions of life.” [Stern, "The Psychological Methods of Testing Intelligence,” 1914] What does this have to do [...]

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A New And Better Season For Your Sports Career


New season, new team, and an optimistic attitude. It’s a ritual that every athlete goes through when beginning a new season or joining a new team. What do athletes usually go through every start of a new season? Fight hard for your playing spot while navigating the dynamics of your teammates. Figure out the coach’s teaching style. Decide what you need to work on most. Put some extra effort in to get in shape and worry a lot. That last part is optional and definitely not helpful and here’s how to deal with it. The Problem Before I give you the [...]

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Be Your Own Advantage In Your Sport


Being small than the other players is never a disadvantage! It was the 6th grade when I got the first indication that I was the smallest player on the field. I was playing football representing my school, the Gisler Gators, on a perfect Saturday morning. As one of the fastest on the team and able to catch anything thrown at me, I played wide receiver. I had already caught 2 passes this game and successfully did my job of luring 2 men downfield to take them out of plays so others could score. I was the smallest one out [...]

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