An Effective Mental Practice For Your Nerves


I have one more tool that is going to help you deal with your difficult emotions and that is what I call, “The AND World”. What does this mean?  “AND” means “I can be scared.” “I can be nervous.”  You can even say that,   “I can be angry.” You know when you got a bad call or a non call that should’ve been called by the opponent. So anger can sometimes create interference because you are too angry to even play smart. You end up fouling or getting off your strategy of what you are supposed to do out there because [...]

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How To Confidently Believe In Yourself


In this article, we are going to tackle confidence: how to build confidence how to feel confident more often how to own confidence how to bring it up when you need it Confidence is nothing more than having the "I CAN” attitude be greater than the “I CAN’TS” attitude. Our natural tendency is to think of all the I can’ts. So you have got to literally build that muscle just like you train your ability to shoot, to pass, to skate, and do all these things through drills. You have got to drill on your I CAN.  So I have two [...]

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Getting Back On Track After A Bad Game


What happens if you go out there and have the worst game of your life? After the game is over, is anyone going to come up to you and shoot you? Is anyone going to knife you? Is anyone going to mug you on the streets? Of course not! The only thing that is going to happen is you are going to feel bad. Is there anything else that happens to you? Comment down below. Now, you may say because this is one of the most common concerns of athletes is being yelled at after a bad game. But think of [...]

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What Happens To Your Brain During Sports Training Or Competition?


Your goal as an athlete: To get rid of the mental baggage, the junk, all the negativity, and all the things that basically hold you back and slow you down.  Let’s take the analogy of a ship going across the ocean. It is like dragging an anchor and you are not going to be able to go as fast as you want. You are trying to get from point A to point B (point B is you playing your best). All sorts of interference is the stuff that acts like an anchor and holds you back.  I find it really helpful [...]

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A Mature Thinking In Sports


Every athlete’s goal is to be fearless in their sport. Now how do you actually become fearless? And in this particular article, in volleyball?  So the goal here is to become fearless, right? One of the most powerful tools to get there is to have the correct focus.  Now, how many times have you heard your coach say, “YOU NEED TO FOCUS OUT THERE!” If you are a coach, and you really want to help out your ahtletes, you say something like, “FOCUS ON……” and insert there what your athletes really need to focus on. Never just say focus! That is [...]

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Formula For Confidence: The Important Piece


Next item on our list is CONSISTENCY. Consistency is the gold of performers. You have done something once successfully, you want to that again and again. Too many athletes are so deep in the, “I need to fix what’s wrong!” Coaches talk about this all the time. That’s fine, but it needs to be balanced in 10-1 with, "I want to repeat what I do well and I know how to do." That is how you are going to compete. That is how you are going to perform your best in competition. Again, I just want to give you another concept [...]

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A Determined Athlete Never Quits


Once again, what is Mental Toughness? It is FOCUSED, CONFIDENT, DETERMINED, and RESILIENT.  Focus This is the easy one because we already do it, we already have the brain. When you get rid of the interference, focus could be really easy. You learn how to direct your thoughts to give you plenty of things to put your mind on. Remember the Ferrari Mind?  Confident I already covered that with separate trainings, articles, and tools. You also have to get rid of the interference here.  Determination Now this is big because this is motivation. This is the drive and desire and it [...]

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The Ultimate Source Of Fear


Click Here For Fearless Competitor Full Training There is only two things in life that we do fear for. Notice that I say, "we do fear". Fear is not a noun, it is actually a verb because it is something that we do and if it is something that we do, it is something that we can NOT do as well. PERFORMANCE = POTENTIAL - INTERFERENCE You will perform to your potential when you get rid of the interference. There's two kinds of interference CONFLICTS FEAR And there's only two kinds of fear: Physical harm and danger to the body - [...]

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Antidote For Physical Harm In Sports


What are the next beliefs or problems that you need to clear out to perform your best? It's the fear of physical harm and danger to the body. Like everything else, you need to come up with some antidotes to clear them out. So what are really the problems?  PAIN INJURY DEATH What is the first antidote for pain? "It's worth the risk!" So if this is your issue, go and get  your journal. You want to write down the whole list of reasons why it's worth it. Make it this huge list! The bigger the better and the more you can generate [...]

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How Does Mental Toughness Work?


Are you a coach or a parent interested in mental toughness training for you athletes? What is Mental Toughness? It is focused, confidence, determined, and resilient especially under pressure. Now you know if your players would've played with more of that, then they'd be bringing their A game in the competition, just like you get to see in practice quite often or regularly, right? Now if you coached athletes for any significant amount of time, you know that performance anxiety and fear of failure are the biggest obstacle in playing their best. So what can you do about it as a [...]

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