What We Should Learn From Archers And Pool Players


Modern sports psychology focuses on the correlation between winning and the ability to relax, concentrate, and play one's best game under the pressures of competition. This often involves quieting the mind and increasing awareness, so that the body is free to do the things that it does so well when we allow it to act spontaneously. Sports mental toughness is known by immensely increasing the performance level of athletes. This kind of training or program involves a different kind of approach in sports. For example, in pool billiards and in archery or "kyudo" in Japanese, mental toughness is widely used here. [...]

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The Power Of Being Open Minded In Coaches And Athletes


In this article, athletes and competitors will discover the power of a growth mindset to improve performance. What is a growth mindset for athletes? It never ceases to amaze me how small of a percentage of the general sports world there is that really takes advantage of developing their mental skills. I’ve conducted numerous workshops for youth sports teams and coaches over the years teaching mental toughness skills. In my workshops, there are always some athletes that hang on my every word: they ask questions they participate they take notes I can see that they are paying attention to everything [...]

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Fulfill Your Kid’s NFL Dreams


In this article, parents of football players will learn the two most important things they can do to help their young player succeed. There have been numerous studies conducted to find out what highly successful football players have in common. Besides the obvious - talent and hard work - a number of surprising conclusions have come to light. What is at the top of the list? How much the athlete had support at home and the high quality of the coaching. I work with young athletes every day in my office and I always start out by telling the parent how [...]

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Ethics In Youth Sports


Good physical health has to be the top most priority for every human being. Engaging oneself actively in sports activities helps us to stay fit. Sports activity does not only help us to maintain fitness, but it also refreshes us a lot. It is one of the best ways of relaxation as well. Like any other field of human activity, sports also has certain codes of conduct, and work ethics. It does help to develop our personality and for character building. Let us look at some general provisions of youth sports: Personality should develop human values like integrity, respect, responsibility, and fairness [...]

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How To Truly Believe In Your Capabilities


Have you ever experienced thinking like: You are nothing? That you can never do anything right? That you feel like you’re sole reason for being in life is for you to fail and be miserable for the rest of your life? I have heard many people saying "That's impossible" or "I can't do it". Yes, it is normal for us to be discouraged because our goal seems hard to achieve, but it is never impossible. Things can only be impossible if we will look at it that way, and will stop working for it. The famous actress, Audrey Hepburn said: “Nothing [...]

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What Does It Take To Win?


"Compete each time with yourself to be a great athlete of all time." Ever wondered why even the best athlete will end up losing a match at a certain point of their career? This is because there is more to an athlete than just getting the best training by the best coaches using the best of the available facilities. There is the aspect of having the mental strength to compound all these factors and channel them towards a win for the athlete and even the team. However much an athlete is prepared for an event, if the athlete is one who [...]

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Concentration: A Vital Quality For ALL Athletes


So many of the athletes I work with complain about their difficulty in being able to concentrate and focus playing their sport, especially under pressure. What about you? “Concentration is the ability to think about absolutely nothing when it is absolutely necessary.” Ray Knight Why Is Concentration Important To Athletes? When you get really good at concentration and focus, almost nothing will be able to knock you off your game like crowds screaming, opponents trash talking you, just any pressure will be a non-factor and you will see your performance will skyrocket. When baseball player Ichiro Suzuki was a little [...]

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An Effective Mental Practice For Your Nerves


I have one more tool that is going to help you deal with your difficult emotions and that is what I call, “The AND World”. What does this mean?  “AND” means “I can be scared.” “I can be nervous.”  You can even say that,   “I can be angry.” You know when you got a bad call or a non call that should’ve been called by the opponent. So anger can sometimes create interference because you are too angry to even play smart. You end up fouling or getting off your strategy of what you are supposed to do out there because [...]

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How To Confidently Believe In Yourself


In this article, we are going to tackle confidence: how to build confidence how to feel confident more often how to own confidence how to bring it up when you need it Confidence is nothing more than having the "I CAN” attitude be greater than the “I CAN’TS” attitude. Our natural tendency is to think of all the I can’ts. So you have got to literally build that muscle just like you train your ability to shoot, to pass, to skate, and do all these things through drills. You have got to drill on your I CAN.  So I have [...]

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Getting Back On Track After A Bad Game


What happens if you go out there and have the worst game of your life? After the game is over, is anyone going to come up to you and shoot you? Is anyone going to knife you? Is anyone going to mug you on the streets? Of course not! The only thing that is going to happen is you are going to feel bad. Is there anything else that happens to you? Comment down below. Now, you may say because this is one of the most common concerns of athletes is being yelled at after a bad game. But think of [...]

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