Podcast Episode #2: A. Awareness in The R.A.C.E. Formula

How to change

Happy New Year to everyone! What better way to start 2016 than to talk about everyone’s new year resolution which is “CHANGE.” From the previous podcast, we talked about the “R” of the R.A.C.E. Formula which stands for RELENTLESS. In order for you to truly achieve the change that you want, you have to be relentless. In Read More.

Podcast Episode #1: How To Be Relentless – R in The R.A.C.E. Formula

Relentless athlete

The R.A.C.E. Formula This formula stands for Relentless, Awareness, Clear, and Emotional mastery. In this podcast recording below, Craig goes deep into “R” which is Relentless and how competitors (or anyone) can create this for themselves.  Just by listening to this, you will build Relentless which is much more powerful than any other mental skill Read More.

A Winning Attitude is the Key to Sports Success

Cheerful soccer girl

If you’ve followed my philosophies on this blog for any amount of time, you know that I preach that the best way to win is to stop focusing on winning.  Instead, focus on developing a winning attitude. Now, I’m not backing down on that advice and the reason is that most athletes who put too much emphasis on Read More.

A Christmas Gift Special For Your Kids Or Youth Athletes

Mental Toughness Program For Youth Athletes

Firstly, happy holidays to you my dear readers! To me, the best part about all of it is that it’s a big excuse for family and friends to get together more than normal. I‘ll get right to the point here (unlike normally).    DO YOU NEED A GIFT IDEA FOR A KID IN SPORTS YOU CARE Read More.

The Most Common Problem In Golf

Golf game

Last week on the coaching call we had a golfer that said, “I’m better in practice, on the practice range, than I am on the course.” and I said, “Okay, so what happens between when you go?” And he was convinced it was a physical issue. He says, “My swing breaks down as soon as Read More.

Is Your Performance Problem a Physical or Mental Issue?

myth in sports

In one of my coaching calls, a competitor raised his concern and said, “When I play in competition, sometimes, not all the time, but a good majority of the time, it’s like I’m in an anticipatory state. I want to peek around the corner to see if I make the ball. I also lose my Read More.